In case you’re wondering what kind of month it’s been, I recently had to go out and buy a second travel mug. Not because my other one was broken or I lost it but I simply needed more coffee. I still need more coffee.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that this month has been lousy with deadlines, some self-imposed, others less so, but none that I can really talk about, at least not publicly. Maybe I’ll be a little less tight lipped on my newsletter which you can sign up for here. See that was smooth, who said self-promotion was difficult?

Also, one of my friends decided to up and move to Germany and another went and had a freaking baby. Selfish bastards.  So that meant in between manic writing sessions I also had to find time to drink copious amount of ale and visit a tiny helpless creature (but enough about the father ha, ha).

I guess I should talk about the comic a little bit. Art this month is handled by Juanfrancisco Moyano Guerrero – the guy behind Gateway – and he absolutely murdered it. As always, if you want to check out more of his work he’s on Deviantart here or you can catch him on Facebook here.

Out of all the stories so far, I think this one might have been the most fun to write. There’s something about detective stories that create a really fun dynamic. I swear, if I was ever going to do a prequel it’d be the adventures of Joyce and Tony.

In fact I really want to write a procedural at some point. I say want to, I actually have the first twenty pages or so written and a vague plot for the rest. It’s kind of like Hannibal (the Brian Fuller joint, not the book or the film or the Carthaginian) meets Luthor but not at all like that.  It has magic and swears and violence and all that good stuff but it was a little too ambitious and a little too crimey. I don’t really want to get typecast as a crime dude before I’ve really got started.

I’ve just realised that I’ve dropped a hundred words writing about a book that isn’t even in active development yet. Maybe not the best plan. Still, If any publishers are interested in a super cool occultish weird crime story, I’ve got one.

In other less hypothetical news I’ve got a story in Red Stylo Media’s upcoming anthology The Strip. They announced the line-up last Friday (I know it’s Thursday, if only there was some way of getting updates sooner) and they’ve put together a hell of a book. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to share at the moment so I’m holding back a little but I should have more deets for you next month.

Also, I’m going to be at Bridlington Comic Con this September. That makes two with Thoughtbubble. if this keeps up I’m probably going to have to set up some kind of upcoming events page just to keep track of everything.