So, I guess this is it. The end.

Endings are my favourite part of the story. I can’t even start writing until I know how it’s going to end. That’s not to say that things don’t change on the way to getting there but I need that something to strive towards.

That last panel was the first thing I ever came up with. Ok, second after the outline of Kidnapped but I knew I needed to get that kid up to that bench and that he’d have to make that decision. After that the rest was easy.

Well, maybe not easy. I mean it took me almost a year and a half… still you know what I mean.

Anna Wieszczyk gets the enviable job of taking us home and she nailed it. It’s kind of amazing that she can do such a great version of a place that she’s never actually been. I know we’ve had real places in the comic before but this one really hit home for me. You see Ilkley Moor is a place I spent a lot of time as a kid. Mostly pretending to be a space marine but still, it’s a happy place for me. So It’s only fair that I make something awful happen there right?

You can see Anna’s version of the tarn compared with the real thing and… aren’t comics are magic.

Heck while I’m here I’m gonna take the chance to thank all the artists that worked on the book. I know I say this a lot but you all killed it, without you guys… well I recently posted one of my thumbnails on Instagram and it isn’t exactly pretty.

I’d also like to thank Becca who did the gnarly cover, Rich from Comic Printing UK for his indispensable advice and expertise on getting the book ready for print and for actually printing the damn thing (yeah, we’re doing a print run, what of it?).

Who else, oh yeah my parents who gave me advice and, perhaps more importantly, a place to live while I spent what would be rent money getting the damn thing drawn – particularly my mother who’s probably proofing this thing as we speak. And to anyone else that I may have missed. Seriously, you guys are the best.

In the meantime, you can sign up to my newsletter or give me a follow on twitter here and I’ll see you soon. No seriously – I’ve got a couple of super cool projects in the pipeline and I’ll be back before you know it.

I’m going to have a beer, maybe more than one.