Alright, it’s the first Thursday of the month and that means we’re back with another comic. The great André Stahlschmidt (check out more of his work here and here) is on art chores this time and he absolutely killed it. Just look at that first page. The detail that he crams into each and every panel is obscene.

Keen-eyed readers might have noticed that I’m taking over lettering for this one and it’s Boris Johnson’s fault. You see, when the EU referendum happened, I woke up with the horrifying realisation that my money wasn’t worth anything like it was when I went to sleep.

With my budget shot, I knew that I had to do something. Now, I’d already been teaching myself to letter after I saw something that Christopher Selba said on twitter. I’m paraphrasing here but he basically said that writers should learn as much of the production side of comics as possible. And something just clicked. I needed that something else. Now, anyone who has seen me draw knows that’ll never be able to draw my own book – not without a frankly ludicrous amount of practice. But lettering?

I had a slight design background, nothing major but I have played around with programs like Quark so it wasn’t like I was starting from scratch. Still, I don’t think I would’ve taken that next step if it wasn’t for the collapse of the pound.

Just as an aside, the fact that this story was finished just after the referendum gives you an idea of the production cycle on a project like this.

In other news – I’ll be at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend and I’ll also be at the pre con Pints and Pencils at the Nation of Shopkeepers. So, if you want to hang out and see exactly how garbage I am at drawing, come along.

I’m not tabling during the con proper but I’ll probably end up in a pub at some point so I’ll throw up a tweet (@jedmcpherson) with a location in case you want to hang out.

Oh and as always, if you could tell your friends and share on social media, I’d appreciate it. The more readers we get the longer we can keep doing this.