So, Thoughtbubble (tbubz if you’re feeling nasty) was a blast despite the fact that I never did make it to the pub. I did have one pint while waiting for my bus but that doesn’t really count.

That said, my usual post-con spurt of productivity took a beating after the US election. The one-two punch of Brexit and the Drumpf hit me hard. It didn’t help that I’d blocked the Wednesday off for research, research that just happened to involve MRA douchebags and Elliot Rodgers. I didn’t really think that one through. I guess the only thing to do is throw on some pop music and just write through it. I’m a professional dammit.

I should probably talk a bit about the comic right?

This is probably the most fun of the entire run, although fun is relative. Chris Shehan is on art chores this time and he absolutely killed it. Chris does a bunch of interesting things with framing and shadows, just look at that last page – see how the panels get smaller and smaller as Tom’s hope fades. Smart stuff.

He’s definitely a guy to watch and I think he’s going to have a busy 2017. You can find him online at all the usual places (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or you just go straight to the well and hit up his website.

In other news I signed up to Instagram. I know – late to the party as per but if you want to see some teases for upcoming projects, work in progress shots or pictures of my dogs feel free to give me a follow.

As always we’ll be back again next month with another story. Oh and if you want to follow me on Twitter (@jedmcpherson) I ain’t gonna hold it against you.