Alright we’re really moving into the endgame here. Just three more comics to go and then we can bring this thing in to land.

Art this month is handled by the inimitable David T. Cabrera of Legenderry: Vampirella and The Bionic Woman fame. We’re leaning a little more action heavy this month and David really excels when it’s time to throw down. As always you can check out his work here and here or you can give him a follow on twitter.

This time we get the return of a few old favourites. One of the great things about this project is that I get to see the characters interpreted by different artists. It’s amazing to see how David’s version of Willis contrasts with, say, Andre’s yet how it’s still obviously the same guy. Sure Willis’ circumstances may have changed, he’s a little older and a little smarter, but he’s still got the anger and the sadness that drove his character all the way back in Thug.

Different but somehow the same – aren’t comics magic?

I took a bunch of time off from the old day job which while not exactly as productive as I would have liked did give me a chance to get some much needed rest. Part of the problem with trying to be a writer is that any time you’re not working you feel like you’re wasting time.

But I’ve always been a bigger believer in working smart rather than working hard and truth was I’d been doing too much, both at the day job and at the work. Combined with the nightmare that is the current news cycle I was dangerously close to burning out. I really did need to take few days, and if we’re being honest a few beers, for myself.

Still, it’s not like I took the entire month off. I did manage to get the first draft of the next big thing finished. In my career that is, I’m not claiming to have written the next Saga or whatever. Then again maybe, hopefully, I have. I mean you never know.

Anyway, it’s hit the point in its development that I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen. Any vagaries are basically me covering my ass. I’ve been at this shit long enough to know that until you get the pages in nothing is certain but barring some tragic financial catastrophe or logistical fuck up it’s happening.  I even know who I want to draw it. I haven’t asked them yet but I will, sooner rather than later.

In other news, and for those keeping track at home this is the big announcement I teased last month, I’m going to be at Thought Bubble this year – my first con as an exhibitor. Exciting stuff.

Now fair warning, this may be a little wanky but Tbubz has always been kind of totemic in my fledgling comic book career. It was the first con I ever went to as a fan. I’d only been writing comics a few months and I only had a couple of scripts under my belt. Not enough to consider myself a writer but I was definitely on the path and that weekend reaffirmed my decision.

Now, not only am I going to be exhibiting there but I’m also going to launch some books. Kinda brings the whole thing full circle.

Yeah that’s right books, as in plural. I’ve been a busy boy. Maybe next month I might even have some stuff to show you.

I know, I know. I’m incorrigible.