Aww man, shit just got penultimate in here.

This one is going to be a bit shorter than usual as I’ve got a boat to catch and I already wrote 1500 words for the old newsletter (which you can sign up for here). Still we’ve got a lot to cover. Here goes.

We’ve got Emily Pearson on art this month and she’s predictably awesome. You should probably follow her on Twitter. She throws up a few teases from upcoming projects – one of which is written by yours truly. And if kick ass art work isn’t even your bag (in which case what the hell are you doing here?) she’ll occasionally have pictures of her dog.

In other news I may have booked another con. I’m still waiting on confirmation but I’ll add it to the upcoming events page as soon as I do. Also we’re moving ahead with the next big project. It’s possibly the most ambitious thing I’ve done yet. I can’t say much just if we nail it I think we going to have something special on our hands.

Oh and we’re definitely going to be doing a print run of the book (I actually shared the cover art on my newsletter, if there was only some easy way to sign up for it). I’ll be sending the files off to the printer as soon as I get back from my holiday. Yeah that’s right I’m going on holiday for the first time in about a goddamn decade. I had to buy a passport and everything.

I should be able to share some more info soon, maybe even as soon as next month, who knows.