So this has been a long time coming right? It’s been nearly ten months and we’ve finally got a cover and, maybe more importantly, a title.

Pro tip don’t wait till a week before the final episode to give your comic a name. I know, it seems so obvious now…

We got the great Becca Carey in to do the cover and I’ve gotta say that she did a helluva a job on it – I can’t wait for you guys to get a copy. I dunno if you’re familiar with her work but she did some really great reworks of some of my, and I’m guessing your, favourite Image books. I especially like her version of Zero and Bitch Planet. She just gets the books.

I don’t know if you caught that subtle hint but we’re doing a print run. Or maybe that should be we’ve done a print run. For realsies. No jokes. I’m literally looking at three big ass boxes of books as I’m typing this. The current plan is to launch the book at Thoughtbubble but that’s almost five months away and I’ll probably get antsy and throw it up a little earlier. Who knows?

While prepping the book for print I decided to go back and reletter the entire thing. I’d learnt a bunch while working on the book and quite honestly I wasn’t happy with the early pages. Plus my original credits pages really didn’t jive super well with Becca’s cover. So if things look a little nicer round here, that’s why.

In other news, and there’s quite a lot of it so bear with me here, I’m psyched to announce that Bank will be included in Alterna’s upcoming IF anthology. I’m super proud of the work that Chris did on this story and I’m glad that it’s found another home. I’ll probably talk about it a little more in my newsletter (which you can sign up for here hint, hint) but yeah good times.

Oh and while we’re talking about Chris he just sent me the first thumbnails for the #newthing and it’s looking shiny. We’re hoping to get the final project finished by August at the latest, maybe even a little earlier.

In other anthology shaped news my story for Red Sylo’s The Strip anthology has found an artist in the shape of the great Kevin Maher. He’s always posting stuff on his Instagram and Twitter – I particularly, and perhaps unsurprisingly really like his wrestling stuff.

And in less awesome news the big new webcomic has hit a bit of a setback which means we probably won’t hit the projected launch date but since I never announced it I’m not entirely sure why I brought it up. Still, it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

And finally I can announce the latest date in what I’m now referring to as the Jed world tour, I’m even thinking about getting some shirts made. Anyway the point is that I’m going to be at True Believers on the 3rd of February. As always my upcoming events page is probably the best place to go for more info.

Like I said, lots to cover and more to come. 2017 is shaping up to be a helluva year.